Feng Shui for Life

"Thanks to this program I have been able to activate my energy centers and I am ecstatic about how I feel in my home"

Thanks to this program I have been able to activate my energy centers and I am ecstatic about how I feel in my home.
Yesterday I had visitors and one of them an 8-year-old kept saying what a beautiful home I had. 
The thing is I just shifted around my furniture against my four power directions and it’s phenomenal the feeling everyone gets when they come into my home - not just the peace and realization but the joy - I continue to work on my energy centers while doing all the work in the class- my life will never be the same again.
Just the other night I woke up ( day 28) in my Silva Ultramind class - to the loud theta vibration on my crown- and I attribute this to both Vishen s class but also to the fact that I have aligned my bed to face my success direction- it was in Totally mind-blowing! Thank you ! Thank u! Thank you

Ann Njogu


Nairobi, Kenya

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Feng Shui for Life

“This course is phenomenally amazing!”

This course is phenomenally amazing! Thank you, Marie! Thank you, thank you, thank you. This rearranging, decluttering, organizing, calculating and activating all 4 directions is a work up. If I have a chance to buy a new home, I'll make sure it is feng shui's every corner of it...
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Feng Shui for Life

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The material was absolutely easy to understand and the directions Marie gave on how to implement different Feng Shui ideas were very clear and simple to implement. I noted a change in myself and my environment every week after implementing something Marie taught us. I also thought the 4 Q&am...
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Dr. Debora Trimpe

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Feng Shui for Life

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Barbara Brown

Licenced Professional Counselor

Mouth of Wilson, United States

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