"I'm so excited to take this class and so excited for what's to come!"
Feng Shui for Life

"I'm so excited to take this class and so excited for what's to come!"

This program about Feng Shui really resonated with me, as I am developing a career change and Feng Shui would be a logical and important part in my plans. Then, upon looking further into it, I discovered the awesomeness of Mind Valley---and since I'm so into so many things that Mindvalley is all about, I immediately became addicted! I can't wait to soak up as much information I can, and take advantage of every opportunity Mindvalley offers so that I can realize my dreams even faster! I'm so excited to take this class and so excited for what's to come! Thank goodness for Vishen's vision and that he and his team made all of this possible for so many people to benefit from! I'm so ready for Mind Valley to rock my world!

Kelly Goode

Office Administrator

Kansas City, United States

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Feng Shui for Life

"I really look forward to doing this course and soaking it all up"

I am beginning the Feng Shui for life course today. I firmly believe that your environment has a great influence on you and i would love to dive deeper into understanding the science and principles behind creating an environment that helps to create more positive energy and abundance. I p...
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Ami Patel

Stay at home mom...VFX artist before that!

Leigh-on-Sea, United Kingdom

Feng Shui for Life

"I need some help to overcome the frustrations of completing my home"

Before this program over all things in my life are going pretty smoothly however I have a challenge with organizing and decluttering my home. I live in an old home which has needed lot of remodelling which has at times been chaotic. I at times haven't felt free to invite people over becaus...
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Barbara Brown

Licenced Professional Counselor

Mouth of Wilson, United States

Feng Shui for Life

“You can do everything with what you already have and the results are tangible and quick to manifest”

The Law of Attraction is always one big subject that comes up during personal work with clients and one that is examined and studied in depth. For many years, though, I sensed that there is a missing part which has never been taken in consideration in all the teachings about the LOA. The reason w...
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Susanna Fassetta

offers Equine Spiritual Retreats with her herd of horses

Dominican Republic

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