"I have increased awareness in how I communicate with my children, partner and everyone around me"
Conscious Parenting Mastery

"I have increased awareness in how I communicate with my children, partner and everyone around me"

Hello Mindvalley community, 

My name is Nardos Debebe and I am from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 

First I want to express my deepest Gratitude to Dr.Shefali and Mindvalley for making this life-transforming Quest available. 

Before taking part in the conscious parenting Quest, I viewed my role as a parent from a limited perspective and this has hindered me from creating a true connection with my children. 

After taking this quest I feel I am well equipped with appropriate knowledge, and tools that help me connect with myself and my children better every day. 

The reason why I enrolled in this Quest is that I understood that I needed to explore and work on, myself so as to be a great parent for my children.
Specifically, I wanted to understand and heal the hindrances that come in between my children and me, to have a true connection. I also wanted to have practical tools that help me achieve this goal. 

Reasons why I recommend this Quest is because every child deserves a conscious parent to live up to its true potential. 

This Quest is very well organized and is composed of applicable knowledge and tools that help every parent achieve a true connection with her/his child. 
It also helps parents understand a more border and holistic approach to parenting and what it means to be a parent. 

The Quest is also applicable for everyone to explore and heal limiting beliefs and emotional baggage that has been passed down through generations of unconscious parenting. 

Areas of my life in which I've noticed the biggest changes in my life is 

- I have increased awareness in how I communicate with my children, partner and everyone around me. 
- I am more accepting and compassionate towards myself, my children and everyone around me. 
- I am less reactive to my triggers and I have increased awareness about the reasons behind my reactivity. 
- I accept my children as sovereign beings and this helped me to be open and available for true connection. 

My top 3 takeaways or insights during/after finishing this Quest are፦ 

- Parenting is about raising my ‘inner child’. 
- In order for me to connect with my children I need to let go of my agendas of what my children need, to be happy and successful but unconditionally love and accept them for what they truly are. 
- My role as a parent is to be a spiritual guide for my children. 

The biggest positive change(s) I’ve noticed are 
- I have more space to accept and love myself and my children. 
- I am more aware of the causes of my disconnection from myself and my children. 
- I am more connected with myself and my children.

Nardos Debebe

Parenting coach

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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