"I am learning to be a coach"
Coaching Session Planner

"I am learning to be a coach"

My life is full of my desire to become the best gift I can offer the world. I am asking. What does the world want from me? Instead of what I think it wants. Therefore I am wondering. I teach part-time at a university. I am learning to be a coach. Facilitator. I love spiritual and creative living. 
Today I walk along the beach feeling life is a blessing and beauty surrounds me. I am 65 with loving adult children. I am married over 40 years. I am in a transition. I see something new and different in the future. I want to be ready and flexible to step into a new way of being human!

Mary Rockwood Lane

Woman. Mother. Wife. Nurse. Artist. Writer.

Gainesville, United States

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Coaching Session Planner

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And after i take this quest i feel more courage to helping people and can't wait to be a coach (great coach like all of them) and built my business...
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Denpasar, Indonesia

Coaching Session Planner

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It provided many foundational questions to ask myself, valuable insights and structure suggestions I will definitely get back to and review before signing up new clients...
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Coaching Session Planner

"This is especially a must have for new coaches"

The Coaching Session Planner is an amazing tool for coaches looking for guidance on how to prep and structure their coaching sessions while nurturing positive interactions with their clients. This is especially a must have for new coaches.
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Andrea Lange


San Francisco, United States

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