"So much value in so little time."
Coaching Businesses

"So much value in so little time."

As a former singer-dancer-choreographer and sound engineer, I wasn't sure if I was on the right track with my coaching, (I was going too fast, too loud, too far, and a little too messy, some of my clients called me the lighthouse). What this course and Ajit really gave me was the comfort I needed to understand that I knew more than enough to take the plunge, it's just that I wasn't yet applying the thought of thinking bigger. The classes are very well structured. And special mention for the Sunday live sessions which are just extraordinary with so much value in so little time. Thank you so much Ajit (& Team) for the sharing, to Srpead love like you do and your wisdom you share to all of us. Peace G.O

Gérald OHIN

CEO La Belle Inconnue

Paris, France

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Coaching Businesses

"I can't wait to start having clients, and implement the concepts and tools I learned"

Thanks to this Program, I can start my Life/Coach Business with the confidence, and the tools I will have to serve my clients. I really enjoyed all the material shared, and the home work was easy to follow. Also, I enjoyed the live calls with Ajay where I learned more about other members cas...
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Claudia Salazar

Life/business coach

Vista, United States

Coaching Businesses

"I have to say the program/materials is among the best I've found"

Before this quest, I was wondering how can I use better the 30+ years I spent in the Corporate world. I had the privilege of experiencing a plethora of tools and programs to help lead tier one global organisations to excellence/success. The quest is value for money and has given me the confidence...
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Eric Richard

Business Coach

London, United Kingdom

Coaching Businesses

"Having taken the course now I wish to applaud Ajit Nawalkha for a really well considered, enlightening and educational quest"

Before I took this program I couldn't even consider the thought of becoming a Business Coach. It's a niche far from my natural inclinations! Having taken the course now I wish to applaud Ajit Nawalkha for a really well considered, enlightening and educational quest. I am more than happy to h...
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Robbie Grangaard

Trnsformational Coach @ To See Beyond

Rotorua, New Zealand

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