"This is a life-changing Quest for me and all of the people around me"
The Mastery of Sleep

"This is a life-changing Quest for me and all of the people around me"

I now feel... Zen? Before I started the program my sleep schedule was everywhere and I had absolutely nothing of a routine in place. As I learned my way through the 28 day Quest I was able to apply the knowledge to my life AND help other people with their struggles too! Since I've completed the Quest, I've had so many people talking to me about their sleeping patterns and lifestyles and I've been able to use the vast amount of information that I had learned, implemented and retained to help give them the advice that they needed to help improve their sleep. I'm waking up each day feeling energised, determined and motivated to master the day and live my best life. Michael's teaching and expertise shines through and he goes in so much depth to cover all the knowledge to really personalise the learning process to me as an individual. This is a life-changing Quest for me and all of the people around me. Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn and implement this valuable information!

Aidan O'Sullivan

Entertainer and Speaker

Buckingham, United Kingdom

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The Mastery of Sleep

"I am here to rectify my sleep pattern, duration, quality, and thereby enhance the quality of every other area of my life"

This is my 1st day of The Mastery of Sleep Quest. As an architecture student, I learned to sleep less. That was 25 years ago, yet that pattern (and the mental glorification of it) has stayed on. It's like I pride myself on sleeping less. But I sense that it has taken a toll on my memory...
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Sanjay Mhatre

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The Mastery of Sleep

"Thanks to this program I am more confident about my sleeping schedule"

Now my life is more consistent, with more energy throughout the entire day with less worry about what shuold I do to increase my energy during the day. O course I still need to test many different things thaught in this program. However, with only these few pieces of information...
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Felipe Guell Bernardi

Process Engineer, The Harris Products Group

Cincinnati, United States

The Mastery of Sleep

"Looking forward to getting the right information"

I have been having a sleeping problem more than two decades and looking forward to getting the right information and freeing myself from this issue finally.
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Rumiko Hachisu


Kawasaki, Japan

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