"I really recommend this quest for anyone who wants to improve brain cognition and brain fitness"

"I really recommend this quest for anyone who wants to improve brain cognition and brain fitness"

Mindvalley's Quests like "Superbrain" should be taught at school! 

Before this Quest my life was filled with notes everywhere, so I could keep track of all the info I needed. 
After taking this Quest I feel like the best place where I can keep information now is my brain! 

The reason I enrolled in this Quest was, among other things, Jim Kwik! I wanted to develop my brain's capacities and with a world-class teacher like Jim, I knew it would be an extraordinary learning experience. I hoped to develop great brain skills, like memorizing things better and accessing information faster. 

Not only I achieved that, but also improved my lifestyle with healthier habits! I really recommend this quest for anyone who wants to improve brain cognition and brain fitness. 
Every learning journey after this quest becomes easier as we learn great techniques to store and access new information. I noticed the biggest changes in the way I now encode and retrieve information. 
Memory has improved significantly and my overall well being, thanks to the adoption of healthy habits. My productivity at work also increased as I remember my tasks and to-dos more easily. The biggest positive change I've noticed is the feeling of having a super brain and the opportunity to share this amazing knowledge with anyone, by showing and teaching the techniques I learned. Thank you Jim Kwik and Mindvalley for transforming education worldwide!

Ivan Garcia

Civil Engineer | Educator

Lisbon, Portugal

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Matteo Sguassero


Terzo Di Aquileia, Italy


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Rama Raju Konuganti

Web Engineer

Manchester, United States


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David Edwards

Software Programme Manager

Birmingham, United Kingdom

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