"This has truly been a life changing experience"
The Silva Ultramind System

"This has truly been a life changing experience"

Before this program I felt like I keep taking one step forward and three steps back in my life, never really getting ahead. 

After the program I now know, see and believe that my life is and will continue to grow. I am moving faster with more precision then ever before. I truly feel alive and excited about the future. 

Thanks to this program, I am more in tune with myself and my intuition is on fire. 

The areas of my life in which I've noticed the biggest changes are: 
How I show up for myself. I know longer feel good because someone or something happened to or for me. I have joy coming from within. 
Next, is my belief system. I feel like I can be, do, and have whatever I want now. 
Lastly, after completing this program I not only believe I can be, do, and have what I want out of life, I am actually taking the necessary steps to ensure my beliefs become my reality. 

In a nutshell the biggest positive change I have noticed is, I am no longer reactive I am proactive. That has change my life for the better. 

Thank you Vishen Lakhiani, The Silva Ultramind System and the community at Mindvalley. 

This has truly been a life changing experience.

Alvina Saunders


Silver Spring, United States

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