"The Silva Ultramind System was beyond my expectations"
The Silva Ultramind System

"The Silva Ultramind System was beyond my expectations"

This was my first quest, I do not even remember how Mindvalley came into my email. 
The Silva Ultramind System was beyond my expectations. 
I first understand that we will get faster and in active meditation into alpha levels of mind, and that statement convinced me to get the quest. 
I never imagined how far it will take me in only 28 days. 
I loved the method. Because English is not my first language I found it cost me double, but my final grade was 76.7 and I am very proud of myself. 
I get confidence in my goals and of course, I am motivated to achieve 50 cases ASAP. I love I can help and send quantic formulas to people who need to be healthy. 
The bigger areas which I consider I have improved are: self-confidence and belief. 
I feel connected to other souls looking for the same spiritual growth and self-healing I was looking for. I will remember forever to “feel the emotions” TODAY, I am full of gratefulness and happiness after finishing this quest. 
I want to thank all Mindvalley team, especially to Vishen, I have no doubt you are making a real change in mother earth. 
With love, Maria Castell Blanch, Mexico city

Maria Castell Blanch

Insurance advisor

Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico

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The Silva Ultramind System

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Harsha H R

Software Consultant

Bengaluru, India

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