"The level of the Teachers is mind-blowing"
Mindvalley All Access

"The level of the Teachers is mind-blowing"

Before enrolling into Mindvalley, I was the founder of 3 Biz ventures - Golds gym India, Valecha Infrastructures & Valecha Inv-Start up funding.  

My quest for Personal knowledge made me sign up for Mindvalley All Acess Membership. The quality of teachers is Mind-blowing !!

Jagdish Valecha

Chairman of Golds Gym India

Mumbai, India

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Mindvalley All Access

"MV has been a blessing for me"

I joined MV All Access and that was such a revelation. I did Jim Qwik, WildFit one of my favorite (lost 10 lbs and continue to eat wildly fit), Duality with Jeffrey Allen, Chakra Healing, Parenting, Speaking to Inspire -fabulous class...
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Carleen Jarrett


Leesburg, United States

Mindvalley All Access

"I knew it would help me go to the next level"

I had a dream of studying in an MBA abroad, as a way to expand the possibilities in my life. It seemed impossible: married with a young daughter, from humble beginnings, with no idea on how to afford it. Anyways, I decided that I would try to make it happen. A few months later I learned about J...
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Gabriel Bacarin

Manager, Accenture

São Paulo, Brazil

Mindvalley All Access

Thank you so very much for this wonderful life changing program and for Mindvalley All Access

Hello Vishen and thank you so very much for this wonderful life changing program and for Mindvalley All Access. I’m really enjoying everything and I’m so very grateful to you and all the wonderful minds you’ve brought on board. I am 78 years old and am currently in quarantine awaiting my...
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Ruth Dry

Retired teacher

North Palm Beach, United States

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