Mindvalley All Access

"The best thing to happen to me in the most uncertain time of my life!"

The best thing to happen to me in the most uncertain time of my life! Before signing up for Mindvalley All Access, I had been coasting along in my life, reading widely on whatever issue or idea popped into my mind but ultimately feeling like nothing was shifting or moving forward in a fulfilling way. Upon Vishen’s suggestion, I decided to join and I could not be more grateful!!!!!!! 

I went back to the classroom of my life for 30 days via the Lisa Nichols Programme. Thanks to the Programme and the ultimate brilliance and messenger that is Lisa Nichols, I am more certain of the path I’m intended to take. I found the avenue to my own drive and self-confidence. The Programme brought me to an active place of practice in my life with no more room for coasting. I am revitalized and very excited for the future. Now, any time I need a “tune-up”, I find myself right back to my “Mindvalley Home of Life-Changing Programmes.” Thank you to Lisa Nichols for a second wind in my forward direction; Thank you for your service Vishen and for providing access to the greatest thought leaders of our time. I am truly grateful.

Leah Marville

Model, Host, Inspirational Speaker, Miss Barbados World 2009 and Attorney-at-Law

Los Angeles, United States

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Mindvalley All Access

"I was finally starting to understand why I was thinking and feeling the way I was feeling"

Last year my wife and I signed up for All-Access and the reason I recommend All Access is because my wife and I can take courses we are interested in together and we take other course separate and teach each other. Our marriage is getting better the longer we are married.
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Jason Holzer

Amazon Best Selling Author, Post-Traumatic Growth Storyteller for Suicide Loss Survivors, and an Elite Skills Basketball and Thought Coach

Kansas City, Missouri, United States

Mindvalley All Access

"I am feeling lot of positive changes and reality around me is changing fast"

I gifted myself the All Quest access Mindvalley subscription. I am feeling lot of positive changes and reality around me is changing fast. I still have to achieve much more but I know I am on the path. I am strongly supported and financially I am getting better and better.
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Mahendra Singh Chouhan


Ahmedabad, India

Mindvalley All Access

“It has been an eye opener and therapy in the privacy of my own home”

I paid for the All Access Pass because every masterclass was amazing and I want to learn and come out of the shadows. You see, my fear cost me to stay in the shadows, to hide because of the way I look and what I believe. My biggest fear is being rejected by everyone else, I mean, ...
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Cecilia Leha


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