"My life has totally transformed"
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"My life has totally transformed"

Hi! I have been a member of Mindvalley since 2019. 
I have completed many quests including Duality, Rapid Transformational Therapy, Becoming Extraordinary, the Six Phase Meditation, Lifebook Online. 
What I can say is that my life has totally transformed, I am the same person with the same life, yet I wake up refreshed and happy, I appreciate everything I have, I have so much more patience, I treat my body with dignity, learned to love it how it was and saw it transform with LOVE right in front of my eyes, I learned to be able to have growth moments and be sad, but have a great life at the same time.
I am so ready to continue living, to continue thriving, to continue learning. Life is a great journey and I am ready to LIVE it , to be able to keep setting new goals and crushing them! Thanks

María Fernanda de Bruns

General Manager of Guardián Dental Center

Guatemala City, Guatemala

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Mindvalley All Access

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JV Macalinao

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