"Mindvalley literally saved my mind and life"
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"Mindvalley literally saved my mind and life"

Mindvalley literally saved my mind and life. 
Right before Covid struck my wife of 10 years decided to end our relationship. I was already struggling with an enormous workload and my mental health was garbage. I work in marketing for festivals and concerts. Covid caused me to be laid off from my primary employer and wiped out all my freelance client work for the year. I lost the ability to try to keep my home in the relationship ending and have found myself starting life over with nothing and staying with my father. With my mental health declining, I was at rock bottom contemplating suicide or going on medication again when I came upon some ads for Quests. 
When I saw the All Access plans my intuition said “try this first”. 
Thanks to Conscious Uncoupling, Uncompromised Life, Everyday Bliss, Energy Medicine, Chakra Healing, Life Visioning Mastery and more I am present and more mindful than I have been in the first 44 years of life. 
I’m doing a college-level course load of quests to continue healing enormous childhood traumas that had destroyed my ability to function and I am regaining confidence daily as I adapt and prepare for the next half of my life. This diverse wealth of teachers has brought me to a level in the personal growth I did not know was possible. I am very grateful.

Chris McDonald

United States

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«Так интересно, что даже спать не могу вовремя лечь»

Я учусь всего 1 месяц. Это настолько интересно, что я даже не могу вовремя лечь спать))) Прохожу квесты Супермозг, Money IQ и Интуиция. Параллельно смотрю разные серии. Очень доволен!
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Митусов Роман

Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation

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"I am very grateful for Vishen and Mindvalley for their dedication to provide so many outstanding courses and trainers choose to work with"

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Perth, Australia

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