"It's a total game-changer"
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"It's a total game-changer"

Loving Mindvalley so much for the ingenious programs, online possibilities and powerful connections within the quests. It's a total game-changer for the entire world. I believe Mindvalley will help Eckhart's vision of a flourishing New Earth!

Corina Tiron



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“After taking the courses of Mindvalley I became even more confident, more relaxed, more energetic”

One day I woke up (7 months ago) and I just felt that I want to be a life coach. That's the way I started the education in Mindvalley. It is very interesting and useful.I didn't know anything about coaching before I started. I just knew I feel amazing when helping others.
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Borislava Ivanova

United States

Mindvalley All Access

"I am fully inspired to follow almost every course you offer!"

I just entered the full access on Mindvalley! I am a single mother of a five year daughter, at home working. I am fully inspired to follow almost every course you offer! I start up with Marisa Peer and Ken Honda. Much love and appreciation! Hanne ( FB nickname: Anna Auria )
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Hanne Libbrecht

Income from social services

Gent, Belgium

Mindvalley All Access

"I’m not only learning but breathing Mindvalley!"

I took all this confined time to invest in me, to change myself, to find myself, and I am so grateful that I was guided to do it. You call it a learning platform. I call it a Portal to upper levels. In 3 months I changed my status from the first level to the third level…and I’m not done yet!
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Lorela Gheorghiescu


Liège, Belgium

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