"I’m just blown away"
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"I’m just blown away"

I’ve started this Quest and signed up for the Mindvalley full access to accelerate and expand my growth - mind, body and spirit. I want to expand my vision and beliefs about what’s possible. I knew I needed something to take me to the next level in discovering my soul’s mission and feeling confident in it. I’ve struggled with knowing my place and the importance of life in general and needed new answers after losing my young, strong, athletic, active husband a year ago on 6/30/19. 

Even though, it’s just been a week since beginning The Longevity Blueprint and Be Extraordinary, all I can say is... WOW! An emphatic WOW! I’m just blown away. The programs deliver... getting exactly what I was expecting and more. As a result of beginning the programs, I feel inspired, motivated, guided and supported in my journey to get the answers and direction in life that speaks to my soul. I feel like I can now say yes, and! Yes, I can navigate my loss and grief, not get lost in it and keep moving forward on my soul’s path.

Carmen Floris

Mental/Behavioral Health Counselor & Coach

Prague, United States

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«Это высококачественный контент и глубокие знания»

После прохождения курса Марисы Пир я осознала несколько блокирующих ситуаций из детства, проработав которые, я смогла увидеть новые возможности в реализации своих планов. & nbsp; Благодаря моему глубоко любимому писателю Дональду Уолшу я получил ценнейшие знания о различиях между пробуж...
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Татьяна Никифорова

Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

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"My life has totally transformed"

I am the same person with the same life, yet I wake up refreshed and happy, I appreciate everything I have, I have so much more patience, I treat my body with dignity, learned to love it how it was and saw it transform with LOVE right in front of my eyes, I learned to be able to have growth...
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María Fernanda de Bruns

General Manager of Guardián Dental Center

Guatemala City, Guatemala

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"It changed my life upside down"

It seems like a fairytale but it changed my life upside down. It was a pleasant surgery that changed all my concepts about life. Taking back control of my life is a very little reward for this journey. I am feeling there is an avalanche of possibilities that are making sense to me now.
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Rai Shahnawaz



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