"I knew it would help me go to the next level"
Mindvalley All Access

"I knew it would help me go to the next level"

I had a dream of studying in an MBA abroad, as a way to expand the possibilities in my life. It seemed impossible: married with a young daughter, from humble beginnings, with no idea on how to afford it. Anyways, I decided that I would try to make it happen. 

A few months later I learned about Jim Kwik, felt so inspired by him, and ended up starting Superbrain in November, 2018. 
His quest was the trigger for a long journey that is just at the beginning, materially and spiritually. As I was studying for the gmat, I came to learn about the 4 stages of consciousness in a YouTube video with Vishen. 
This single concept shifted my awareness dramatically, helping me break from addictions and bad habits that resulted from me being in a victim state. It was so powerful that started “Becoming Limitless” as soon as I discovered it. I always believed in the presence that is never absent, but this quest made me realize it, experience it directly so that I didn’t need to believe anymore, I knew.
In the meanwhile, in the three-dimensional world, I was having a difficult time with the GMAT, it was very difficult to work 10 hours a day and take care of loved ones while still finding time to study. Finally, after 4 tries, I scored 740 (97% percentile), in August, 2019; the score that I had been visualizing. 
Even though I started learning English by myself when I was 12, and had never had good English classes. 
Now I knew my dream was becoming a reality. I went through essays leveraging all the inspiration I got from seeking the third level of consciousness and being connected to the source. I was invited to interview to every school that I applied to. 
By then, it was October, 2019, and I was blessed with the opportunity to join Quest All Access. I was already indebted because of all the application costs on top of the costs of supporting my family, but I made an effort and purchase it, because I knew it would help me go to the next level. 
I thank God for joining it. Soon after that, “Life Visioning Mastery” began, and it completely transformed my relationship with Life, with myself and with the other versions of my Self all around me. I went through the interviews knowing a little bit more about who I truly am. 
When the results came, I was elated to be accepted to 5 schools of my dreams. However, the last result was the most shocking: I was selected for a full-ride scholarship in one of those schools, and what was most shocking was that the donation that started this program happened in March 2019. 
As I was going through this long and difficult step of the journey with my family, the universe was already arranging things for us. 
Now I am in a nonstop transformation that I will leave for the next message. 
I already took “Chakra Healing”, “Unlocking Transcendence”, “Longevity Blueprint” and the list is growing! 
I have a lot of stories to share from all of them. I am moving to the US in August 2020 with my family, and look forward to my heart to engage with the Mindvalley community in physical presence in the near future!

Gabriel Bacarin

Manager, Accenture

São Paulo, Brazil

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Mindvalley All Access

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