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"All of these personal development tools help me to guide emerging artists on multiple levels and has affirmed my perspective on individualization"

Before investing in Mindvalley, I was combining teaching traditional arts workshops and coaching upper-level art students in their creative practice. 

So grateful for taking programs like Be Extraordinary, Money EQ, Uncompromised Life, Duality, Silva Method and Quintessence as I am able to apply wisdom, exercises and motivational mindsets and share them with students. 

The Kensho and Satori timeline was a great place to start to help students identify authentic themes to guide their development of personal bodies of artwork. 

I was able to tweak and adapt some of the Silva Method meditations so that art students could approach creating abstract artwork through projecting into objects. Creative visualization impacted the quality of their work. 
Many artists struggle with self-esteem, so Marisa Peer's messages are great to have on hand during coaching and counseling artist. 

As a clairvoyant artist myself, I found the energy tools in Duality and Quintessence to help me clear unnecessary energy and blocks, making my creativity more clean and streamlined. 
The altered states and meditations in the Quintessence program deeply impacted my ability to cut through my influences and get to the core power needed to fuel the vision developed through Lifebook and Be Extraordinary. 

All of these personal development tools help me to guide emerging artists on multiple levels and has affirmed my perspective on individualization. I have let go of the traditional art approaches to workshops and have invested time into sharing methods that lead to authentic and meaningful creativity. So grateful!


Creative Coach, Studio Art Teacher, Arts Integration Director

Coronado, United States

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Mindvalley All Access

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