" I was able to observe how I actually see and hold money in my mind - and *how it sees me* as a result"
Money EQ

" I was able to observe how I actually see and hold money in my mind - and *how it sees me* as a result"

Just the title of this Quest caught my attention, and Ken's Masterclass wrapped up the main ideas really well. I know there's a huge difference between IQ and EQ, the latter being the one that matters most in terms of personal success - so I decided to join. 

The main eye-opener for me was near the beginning of the Quest. Through Dr. Scott Mills' meditation I was able to observe how I actually see and hold money in my mind - and *how it sees me* as a result. This is a very basic item that we fail to look at when considering money, so from there I've been able to transform this relationship. 

Throughout the remainder of the Quest, I've also been able to shed limiting beliefs about how much I can actually receive and can now solidly hold an image of a richer me in my mind and heart. It feels... different. 

I've changed some of my habits on how I work and have lost some fears around prospecting and exposing myself as an authority in what I do (Personal Evolution Coaching & Teacher). And, several prospects have been reaching out to me in recent weeks, as opposed to previous months. 

Right now I await an answer from a corporate prospect who wants to hire me to teach English to their teams, as I've already made a great impression on them during the selection process. 
With fingers crossed, now I keep looking for more prospects, where just weeks ago I felt very shy about doing so. 

Thank you Ken, Dr.Scott & Mindvalley for this revealing and effective Quest!

Carli Bauzá-Feliciano

Personal Evolution Coach, Pro Photographer

Mexico City, Mexico

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