Safe to be vulnerable. Follow Vishen's guidance is such a gift. And I love Yvette's energy.
Mindvalley Premium Coaching

Safe to be vulnerable. Follow Vishen's guidance is such a gift. And I love Yvette's energy.

I felt very safe to be vulnerable with my Coach, and to set goals that reflected my deep self work. I love accountability and appreciate having her support and guidance as I work to bring forth my gifts to best serve the world. And the group call was fabulous! Loved the break out rooms and hearing from everyone. To me, feeling connected to a group, especially given the fact we aren't in person is a must. Furthermore, I am deeply grateful to have such an intimate, small group experience with Vishen. Hearing him describe in real time the foundations of his vision/practice and then being able to follow his guidance first hand is such a gift. Last but not least, I love Yvette's energy. I am learning so much from this Premium Coaching experience. My accountability buddy is incredible and so inspiring too.

Julia Anderson

Business Manager/Carpenter

Vashon, United States

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Mindvalley Premium Coaching

"Mindvalley is a paradise for me"

I love how much Wassila in such a short time gave me so many tools and insights to help to be more centered and clear on my goals. She is extremely observant and insightful. She really describes the situations so well and always listened so actively. Using her intuition she was able to qu...
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Claudia Lin

Insurance broker

LA, United States

Mindvalley Premium Coaching

Amazing as always. I love Yvette and her warm caring for the coachees.

Amazing as always..... every experience is new and expansive. I do energy clearings and was trained by Christie Marie Sheldon last year. I would love to do a no charge energy clearing to enhance the process he was using to help him manifest his summer cottage or whatever else using superc...
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Barbie Layton

Intuitive healer, author, motivational speaker, spiritual maverick

Anaheim, United States

Mindvalley Premium Coaching

"I came to truly value the sense of family, support, and connection!"

Wassila is an excellent coach and she was very good at getting me to slow down and check in with what I was feeling in the moment. Important, because I spend a lot of time in my head. She shared many quality useful tools over the year. She always has a very grounding presence about her....
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Ron Maddox


Dallas, United States

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