Amazing as always. I love Yvette and her warm caring for the coachees.
Mindvalley Premium Coaching

Amazing as always. I love Yvette and her warm caring for the coachees.

Amazing as always..... every experience is new and expansive. I do energy clearings and was trained by Christie Marie Sheldon last year. I would love to do a no charge energy clearing to enhance the process he was using to help him manifest his summer cottage or whatever else using supercharged blessing balls! I have been doing clearings on other global CEO’s and they have had great results. Let me know if that interests him as when MindValley uplevels the whole world uplevels and polyphasic living is the new frontier! 🙏❤️ 

I love Yvette and her warm caring for the coachees. This tribe is growing in leaps and bounds! I started in August 2020 cohort and received so much support and no limits. When I started I had projects in the work but learning to bend reality and applying the MindValley techniques and taking massive action, allowed them to come into fruition! am now a global speaker on the main stage at the Best You, a monthly international magazine contributor, just filmed a TV episode, and I have a global TV channel that will be launching in July 2021! My unfulfilled dreams were a rocket that I had manifested, and the premium coaching was the rocket fuel I needed to launch my dreams into the stratosphere to be of service to humanity and help mine and other people’s dreams come true! Where else can you say that? I have one more massive personal goal to manifest and then my life will be the one that resembles my dreams! MindValley is a dream life maker! ❤️❤️

Barbie Layton

Intuitive healer, author, motivational speaker, spiritual maverick

Anaheim, United States

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Mindvalley Premium Coaching

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Mindvalley Premium Coaching

Yvette is a great communicator!

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Jason Holzer

Co-Founder of 4D Athletes, Mental Health Activist, Post-Traumatic Growth Author/Storyteller/Speaker

--, Canada

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