Life Visioning Mastery

"The Life Visioning Mastery course with Michael Beckwith was absolutely mind-blowing and life-changing"

The Life Visioning Mastery course with Michael Beckwith was absolutely mind-blowing and life-changing. Many “coincidences” have happened in my life, but the events that I experienced during this course was a clear sign that the universe was happening through me, thanks to the guidance of Michael and Mind Valley. At the beginning of the course, I was in a very delicate, but ground-breaking moment in my life. I went from a confused kindergarten teacher with low self-esteem, going through a breakup in the middle of Covid-19, to now a powerful, inspirational female entrepreneur who just launched her own Life Coaching career helping people find their purpose and mission in life. Not only do I aspire to be among the best spiritual and transformative Life Coaches, but I ultimately aim to bring consciousness and intuition into the classroom, school, and home life. I want to travel the world training teachers how to consciously lead a group of children and train parents how to raise their children in a positive and outstanding way. I have big dreams of working among the best, like Vishen Lakhiani, Jay Shetty, Marie Forleo, and Gabby Bernstein. I dream of the day I will give Michael Beckwith a big hug and thank him for the impact he’s made on my life… Right before signing up for the Life Visioning Mastery course, I had a spiritual awakening and an epiphany: My soul yearned to help people and become a Life Coach. I had signed up for Jay Shetty’s Coaching Certification, and when I saw the masterclass with Michael and Vishen, I signed up for the Mind Valley All-Access pass instantaneously. During the Life Visioning Mastery course, I experienced so many miracles, including the manifestation of a big financial gain, a new career opportunity in Gran Canaria, and the blooming friendship of my estranged parents who haven’t talked since before I was born! The right people have popped up in my path, including a group of entrepreneurs who fed me with information and pushed me to start my Life Coaching business (! As I shared my experiences with the Facebook High Vibe Tribe, I was overwhelmed with so much love, support, and countless opportunities to serve those in need of my energy and positive words. I initiated a meditation WhatsApp group and inspired and motivated dozens of people through my uplifting videos and words of wisdom. Another beautiful experience that has blossomed out of this course was meeting like-minded people in real life. I have met up with several MindValley members who also live in Barcelona and we are on the road of forming deep and spiritual connections. We have been meeting up on the beach to watch the sunrise and meditate together! It feels so fulfilling to finally be surrounded by people who understand me and love me for who I really am! I want to thank Michael Beckwith, Vishen Lakhiani, and the whole Mind Valley team for facilitating such an incredible experience! I look forward to my next course and working with you all soon!

Nicole Brooke Schwartz

Life Coach and Elementary Educator

Barcelona, Spain

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Life Visioning Mastery

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Life Visioning Mastery

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