"The course was amazing"

"The course was amazing"

I was trying for 3 month to put together a course to overcome fears and worries for my NGO training Program, I got all the materials and work so hard but There was no clear structure, after the third week of duality, I wakeup at 6 am , by 10 am it was ready. I had so much clarity and confidence that makes everything so easy and the course was amazing. Thank you Jeffery and Thank you Mindvalley.

Shatha Alzuhairy


Baghdad, Iraq

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"Looking forward to beginning!"

I am a retired middle school teacher turned Health & Wellness Coach two years ago. I believe in the social, spiritual and emotional aspects of wellness very strongly and am looking for all I can learn to help myself and then other people with that. I hope Duality will be a key to those aspec...
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Lorna Breiter

Health and Wellness Coach

Manalapan, United States


“This profound experience changed forever my old belief system”

My son, Grant, was about 6 years old. Grant had traditionally slept well through the night. Then suddenly he started having violent dreams, tossing and turning, talking angrily in his sleep. These disturbances intensified to the point where he was now up walking around sound asleep but angrily kn...
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Dave Ingersoll

Real Estate Broker

United States


"Learning how to better myself and my every day experience with the world around me will be a wonderful gift"

I am enrolled in this program but it has not started yet. I’m so excited to learn more from Jeffrey. I am a cosmetologist AND an empath and healer. I have been learning and working with energy for years. Learning how to better myself and my every day experience with the world around me wil...
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Christina Muratore


Naples, United States

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