"The course was amazing"

"The course was amazing"

I was trying for 3 month to put together a course to overcome fears and worries for my NGO training Program, I got all the materials and work so hard but There was no clear structure, after the third week of duality, I wakeup at 6 am , by 10 am it was ready. I had so much clarity and confidence that makes everything so easy and the course was amazing. Thank you Jeffery and Thank you Mindvalley.

Shatha Alzuhairy


Baghdad, Iraq

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"I just learned about this class last year and this is a great time to learn these things about energy!"

I am so excited about this program. Ive been aware of my spiritual journey for a few years now and my dreams have been coming true thats for sure. Just learned about this class last year and this is a great time to learn these things about energy!
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Tammy Marlow

CEO Tammy Tours

Savannah, United States


"The tools I learned from Jeffrey Allen and Duality have helped me enormously"

I have energy flowing through my hands that I can use to heal. I wake up every morning feeling like I have superpowers... Also, I use the tools to heal my physical body and the energy around me. I'm no longer worried about the unknown surrounding me as I know how energy works...
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Sarah Begum


London, United Kingdom


"I think this will be the new step to increase the difference in my life"

I'm actually in the beginning of this program, I've practised different "techniques" and also created personal techniques, but I desire to learn more and make the next step for what can make the difference in the life of people and in mine. I've seen many interesting practical topics in Dual...
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Andrea Caliendi

Visual and Motion Designer / Energy worker

Rimini, Italy

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