"The process guided me to not to play the victim but to self-reflect"
Conscious Uncoupling

"The process guided me to not to play the victim but to self-reflect"

The Conscious Uncoupling process has transformed my life in so many wonderful ways!
After my marriage of 17 years broke up, it helped me to make a conscious decision to become better, and not bitter. I wanted to be a role model for my two boys and show society that there’s a better way to separate that comes from a place of love and compassion.
The process guided me to not to play the victim but to self-reflect on the ways that I needed to grow and evolve in order to have happier relationships moving forward. I am now empowered and excited about life, and on a mission to help create a ripple effect in our world of how we can learn to end our relationships with love, dignity and respect.

Paulina Young

Sydney, Australia

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Conscious Uncoupling

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Conscious Uncoupling

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Kit Jotie


Surrey, Canada

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