" needed the feeling of certainty that the Certified Business Coach provided"
Certified Business Coach

" needed the feeling of certainty that the Certified Business Coach provided"

I really loved this program! 
Before taking this quest, I was floundering as a coach. I had started full of enthusiasm, but over the course of the next 18 months I began feeling imposter syndrome. 
I needed the feeling of certainty that the Certified Business Coach provided. So thankful for Ajit and the Evercoach team for putting this together. Now my fire is re-ignited, and my coaching prospects are bright!

Tony Doyle

CEO, Tony Doyle Inspires!

Terre Haute, United States

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Certified Business Coach

"This investment is more than anything"

I am so proud to be part of an awesome international coaching team with awesome members. My mind is really blown away. Thank you so much for this course. Thank you so much Ajit. Thank you Fran, Sid and everyone. This investment is more than anything, worth part of who i will be - the best...
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Heidi Villanueva Udang

Doctor of physical therapy & nurse

Florida, United States

Certified Business Coach

"Many of the tools can be also be used with my life coaching clients - which is awesome"

I'm currently a full-time life coach, but wanted to complete a certification that could help me on my next step in my journey - to coach leaders. I've coached a couple of leaders before, but I wanted a certification to make sure I had all the tools necessary to effectively coach leaders....
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Heini Weihe

Life Coach & Leadership Coach

Velbastaður, Faroe Islands

Certified Business Coach

"This course was totally worth the investment in time and effort"

Before the program, I was suffered from a case of "Imposter Syndrome" even though I have been serving clients as a peer support counselor, a grief counselor & a mentor for many years. With this Certified Business Coach program I was able to achieve clear techniques and strategies to coa...
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Annette Cruz-Padilla

Certified Business Coach, Ombudsman, LEO Entrepreneur

San Francisco, United States

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