"I found the Awareness exercise in lesson 4 to be really beneficial"
Certified Business Coach

"I found the Awareness exercise in lesson 4 to be really beneficial"

I found the Awareness exercise in lesson 4 to be really beneficial. 
Before this exercise, I was less aware of how much I am treating myself and my worth as more of a business or a producer instead of a human. I had listed Creative but under things like good communicator, loyal, fair leader. 
What's interesting about what came back from asking those who know me, is the recognition of qualities that underpin how I was viewing myself. Values that have developed that I take for granted. I don't go around thinking that I am honest or curious, but when it's pointed out, I recognize it and connect with the place this value has developed from. 
So it changes my focus from developing external things to more nurture and recognition of my inner values. To really be aware of what I’m embodying and offering so I am more self-aware of what I am generating.

Seán Jackson

Visual Creative Director and Photographer

Dublin, Ireland

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