"Vishen promised that my life would be turned around by the end of the 30 days and it had already begun"
Be Extraordinary

"Vishen promised that my life would be turned around by the end of the 30 days and it had already begun"

Thank you Mindvalley and Vishen. What an incredible journey this has been so far. I used to think of myself as a powerful creator years ago and in the past two years of my life, I felt as if I lost who I was. I had lost my passion, clarity and direction. 

Before the Quest, I was in a long term, healthy (but stagnant) relationship. I was constantly feeling stifled and suppressed as if I could not truly explore myself and my desires. In addition to this, I was feeling depressed and uninspired by my career. I was deeply wanting a change from my current role in biotech sales. 

I began the Quest with ambitions to move from Phase II to Phase III and to begin to bring magic, creativity and inspiration back into my daily life. Within less than 2 weeks of starting the Quest, my partner called me out of the blue to end our relationship. It was a conscious uncoupling, and while it was terribly painful, I felt relieved and as if I'd been freed. I knew my relationship would have to end at some point and I had prayed it would be easy, and it was. My partner allowed me to leave the relationship with compassion and grace. That was my kensho moment. 

Vishen promised that my life would be turned around by the end of the 30 days and it had already begun. Once I began practicing my intuition and asking for guidance, the real magic started happening. About a week later, I built up the courage to drive to my partner's house to retrieve my belongings. On the drive there, I started to get anxious, and as soon as I did, I noticed a license plate that said DIVINE. I felt instantly relaxed. After I had completed the visit and gathered my things, I left his house to go for a walk to clear my mind. I stumbled upon a box of books at the side of the road. I looked inside, quickly scanned the spines and one immediately jumped out at me - BIG MAGIC - by Elizabeth Gilbert. I scooped up the book and headed back to my car, delighted by this little gift. As I was walking to my car, I saw 444 painted in huge font on the side of the building. (First meaning of 444: You are on the Path of Awakening). 

Fast forward another week, I was still feeling unclear about my career and what direction I should head in. I knew I wanted to bring creativity, design, content, writing, marketing and passion into my career. I had been stressing about the 'how', and decided to ask my guides to send me an idea instead. The next morning I received a email newsletter from my favorite travel blogger - Nomadic Matt. He was holding a free webinar on how to start your own website, begin writing and establish an online business. I figured I would sign up - even though I couldn't attend at that time it was being held. I received the recording the next day with a promotion to sign up for his detailed online course on how to start your own website. I scanned the course outline and felt that everything I had been asking for was there. However, I wasn't convinced that I should be spending money on a course that I could likely self-teach myself. I asked the universe for more CLARITY. Show me that this is 100% a yes. That evening, I began watching the recording of the webinar which I had missed. As the first slide appeared on screen, it was a list of books that one should read if they want to be inspired to write. Guess which book was on that list - BIG MAGIC. That was my sign. 

Thank you universe. I know with this course I will not only be able to gain the skills to build my own creative content to share my writing and photos, but I will also gain valuable skills which I can use to market myself on my resume and find the job of my dreams. I am so excited to embark on this next stage of my life. I am going to continue meditating every day and I am 100% going to break the brules. SO much love.

Michelle Stopher

Sales Representative, Biotechnology

Toronto, Canada

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