"Transformation comes in all shapes and sizes!"

"Transformation comes in all shapes and sizes!"

I always considered myself fit and slim. After all, I have been an active gym member for 20 years!
Most of these years my fitness regiment would consist, however, of excessive cardio training. I would step on the elliptical trainer for 1 hour a day!

Considering this, I got frustrated with the fact that I still wasn't as defined and toned as I wanted to be.
Only after starting to workout with Lorenzo Delano and Ronan Diego de Oliveira and following their 10X methodology, I started seeing results  - quickly.

My body weight remained 50kg. But I replaced fat with muscle mass. And this is now the physique I feel comfortable with.

These days strength training is the key component of my workout routine. I still throw in a cardio session here and there. But I see it as an addition to my actual training, something I do for the fun of it.

After improving and further enhancing the program over the last years Mindvalley now has released it to our customers. Having gone through the program myself I am super excited to share it with you.
Even more so because I had the privilege to co-host the Quest, alongside my fitness mentor Ronan Diego de Oliveira

Monique Schuldt

Email Marketing Manager

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