"Now I see is so easy to lose weight for the first time in my life, that seems magic!"

Before the 10x quest, I struggle with losing weight, and I didn't know much about nutrition. Now I see is so easy to lose weight for the first time in my life, that seems magic! And my body feels much better!

Daniela G. Carvajal

Miss Stock market

Madrid, Spain

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"I could adjust my routine with a simple, fast, but most efficient exercise program!"

At the end, I easily reached another level of performance: with a more resilient and strengthened core, I could make the difficult sequences of my martial arts with the easiness and vigor of my 30's y.o....
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Marcelo Côrtes Fernandes

Business strategist

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


"Not only has my body improved, but this course has also fundamentally changed the way I think about fitness and nutrition"

I've completed several courses and this is the first one where I felt sad when it ended. It was as if Ronan had become a friend who I looked forward to hearing from a few times a week. The live calls were all great as well. Not only has my body improved, this course has fundamentally cha...
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Nick Carr

Data Solutions Engineer

Phoenix, United States


"Transformation comes in all shapes and sizes!"

I always considered myself fit and slim. After all, I have been an active gym member for 20 years!Most of these years my fitness regiment would consist, however, of excessive cardio training. I would step on the elliptical trainer for 1 hour a day!Considering this, I got frustrated with t...
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Monique Schuldt

Email Marketing Manager

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