I'm in the best shape of my life!

I became an amputee (Right Below Knee) February last year and fighting my right leg muscle atrophy because of decrease mobility since then. I started to use a prosthetic leg on July 2020 and went back to the gym but the convenientional weight training the I knew didn't help me with my problem until I discovered 10X at All Access Live Calls and Mentoring. I started the protocol on October 2020 with a body weight of 80kg. My goal was to strengthen my legs, increase it's muscle mass and prevent the muscle atrophy of my right leg. At first, I did 72kgs. for 60 seconds and as I went to the process doing it and going to gym once a week with intermittent fasting. I noticed great improvements with my muscle strength, mass and energy. My weight now is 72kgs and Im in the best shape of my life! For only 3 months, my leg muscle strength increased by 230%! Im can do leg press at 165kgs. for 80 seconds.😊 🌈Sending Mindvalley team my big thank you! Lots of inspiration, love and energy❤️ Live strong and stay great!😉💪

Lawrence Tuazon


Fukuoka, Japan

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"This is by far the best approach to strength building"

Having trained a bit in 10X I was excited to go deeper into the technique. This is by far the best approach to strength building. Hyper efficient, fun, not time-consuming. It gave me deeper understanding of nutrition and flexibility with the routines. 
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Steven J. Posner

Lifestyle Engineer

Bogota, Colombia


"I did definitely see results"

I’ve always been super curious about fitness and health in general. Hacks and challenges for my body. Before doing 10x my fitness level was good, I just got curious about 10x when I heard about I prior to joining MVU Barcelona. I did definitely see results (also the test results show...
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Helle Simonsen

Experience Manager

Copenhagen, Denmark


"I find myself much stronger than I was before"

Strength training is a definite part of my routine. I find myself much stronger than I was before...The program is scientific, efficient bearing in mind we lead busy lives, the increase in strength over a period of time is a great asset to have and the progress gives a different high!
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Christina M. Ghose


Bengaluru, India

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