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Mindvalley All Access

"These classes has dramatically changed my life"

Before this program... I was working a 9-5 job that was not a good fit for my skills. I was married & living with an abusive (narcissistic). It was so toxic that I would sit in my driveway & not want to get out of the car and go into the house. Took this class in Jan 2019 After this...
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Jen Kubik

Business Owner

Sun Prairie, United States

Mindvalley All Access

"Mindvalley taught me so much more than I ever learnt from my entire 15 years of mainstream education"

I didn’t have the best start in life in Zimbabwe and there were many disadvantages that I was born into, which meant that providing for me physically was already a struggle for my single teenage mum. I was lucky to have supportive grandparents who helped by fostering me on and off during...
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Bottesford, United Kingdom

Mindvalley All Access

"Mindvalley reminds us that we hold the power to become the positive change which we want to see in the world"

Mindvalley, what can I say?... Ever since I met an incredible person last year and developed a relationship with her, she opened my eyes to the world of spirituality, enlightenment and the ability of adopting different perspectives. Needless to say, I was unfortunately rather closed of...
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Michael Vandinther

Actor / Filmmaker

Ennismore, Canada

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Mindvalley All Access

"The best thing to happen to me in the most uncertain time of my life!"

The best thing to happen to me in the most uncertain time of my life! Before signing up for Mindvalley All Access, I had been coasting along in my life, reading widely on whatever issue or idea popped into my mind but ultimately feeling like nothing was shifting or moving forward in a fulfilling...

Leah Marville

Model, Host, Inspirational Speaker, Miss Barbados World 2009 and Attorney-at-Law

Los Angeles, United States

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Mindvalley All Access

Thank you so very much for this wonderful life changing program and for Mindvalley All Access

Hello Vishen and thank you so very much for this wonderful life changing program and for Mindvalley All Access. I’m really enjoying everything and I’m so very grateful to you and all the wonderful minds you’ve brought on board. I am 78 years old and am currently in quarantine awaiting my...
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Ruth Dry

Retired teacher

North Palm Beach, United States

Mindvalley All Access

The masterclasses and courses have helped me becoming more resilient by changing my mindset

I am highly indebted to Mindvalley for opening me to a new arena of learning and self development. The masterclasses and courses have helped me becoming more resilient by changing my mindset. I have been going through the worse phase of my life and coming this far to be able to continue t...
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Shivani Singh Marwah

IT Release Manager, Wipro Technologies

Sydney, Australia

Mindvalley All Access

"When I look back, l can see that I just leaped way ahead than I even dreamt off..."

Courses like the Habit of Ferocity, Superbrain & Silva Ultramind literally made me step off my comfort zone & show up as my best self every day. Today, I walk 5.5kms every day, cold shower instead of a warm water shower, conscious choice on what I eat...
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Sheelu Suthan

VP IT Infrastructure Support

Bengaluru, India

Mindvalley All Access

"The level of the Teachers is mind-blowing"

Before enrolling into Mindvalley, I was the founder of 3 Biz ventures - Golds gym India, Valecha Infrastructures & Valecha Inv-Start up funding. My quest for Personal knowledge made me sign up for Mindvalley All Acess Membership. The quality of teachers is Mind-blowing !!
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Jagdish Valecha

Chairman of Golds Gym India

Mumbai, India

Mindvalley All Access

"When I read about the different quests, I feel like I want to do all of them"

This is my first quest and I'm embarrassed to say that I have been an all access member for almost 3 months and I am just starting my first quest. I don't know if this makes me unusual or a great procrastinator but I hope to make up for it in the next few weeks. When I read about the diff...
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Arvind Bhambri


Pasadena, United States

Mindvalley All Access

"Finally i purchased the Mindvalley All Access to reinvent and transform my life"

Hello to everyone! I don't like the way i live my life. It's not only an intuition but it's also a conviction. I tried to listen different influential mentors such as Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohn ect. but without any result until now. It has a relatively long time that i listened Vishen on yo...
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Gentiano berhani


roma, Italy

Mindvalley All Access

"With Mindvalley All Access I'm so excited to grow into my best version of myself possible!!"

Before Mindvalley i was more in the thinking that i’m better off without personal growth because it would only highlight my faults. Since i’m with Mindvalley i have realized that i can embrace myself where i’m at even while also aspiring to grow. With Mind Valley All Access I'm so excited...
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Jeffrey Yoder


Massillon, United States

Mindvalley All Access

"I am now so confident and excited for each day of my life"

I am so much more focussed and motivated now! Well, to be honest my life has lacked real focus until signing up for Mindvalley All Access, I have been a 'jack of all trades', trying to do too many things with no clear direction. The most life-changing quests I have done so far are 'Beco...
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Ashley Clark

Founder, Improving Your Life Academy

Sheffield, United Kingdom

Mindvalley All Access

"All of these personal development tools help me to guide emerging artists on multiple levels and has affirmed my perspective on individualization"

I was able to tweak and adapt some of the Silva Method meditations so that art students could approach creating abstract artwork through projecting into objects. Creative visualization impacted the quality of their work...
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Creative Coach, Studio Art Teacher, Arts Integration Director

Coronado, United States

Mindvalley All Access

Mindvalley All Access with Vishen Lakhiani

Mindvalley’s Quest All-Access is a yearly subscription that gives students access to all of our quests. They get unlimited access to our entire vault of 28 (and growing) Quests. When you take a Mindvalley Quest, you’re immersed in one of the most powerful online learning experiences on the planet. That’s why many of our most successful students join not just one, but multiple Mindvalley programs throughout the year. Mindvalley’s All Access Membership is your incentive to take your growth to the next level too.
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