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Mindvalley All Access

«Качество жизни и моё мировоззрение колоссально изменились»

Это просто чудо! Я так сильно прокачиваю себя в этих квестах, что качество жизни и моё мировоззрение колоссально изменились всего за пол года! И при этом я уже и раньше встала на дорогу саморазвития! ОГРОМНОЕ СПАСИБО ВИШЕНУ ЗА MINDVALLEY❤️
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Anna Ponomarjowa

Frankfurt, Germany

Mindvalley All Access

«Это уникальная возможность обучаться»

Это уникальная возможность обучаться у самых востребованных и знаменитых мастеров по всем жизненным направлениям. Благодарю!!!
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Татьяна Лисовая

Burgas, Bulgaria

Mindvalley All Access

«Теперь, моему совершенству нет предела»

Здравствуйте, уважаемая команда Mindvalley! Вы то, что я искала долгое время на пути к себе. А теперь, моему совершенству нет предела, благодаря Вам! Спасибо за все!
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Saya Burzhumbayeva

Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

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Mindvalley All Access

"The best thing to happen to me in the most uncertain time of my life!"

The best thing to happen to me in the most uncertain time of my life! Before signing up for Mindvalley All Access, I had been coasting along in my life, reading widely on whatever issue or idea popped into my mind but ultimately feeling like nothing was shifting or moving forward in a fulfilling...

Leah Marville

Model, Host, Inspirational Speaker, Miss Barbados World 2009 and Attorney-at-Law

Los Angeles, United States

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Mindvalley All Access

"Thank you so much Mindvalley and all the courses"

thank you thank you thank you so much to mind valley and all the courses. I strongly resonate with them and the beautiful intention of creating a new world together as a human race.
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visual designer/ mum/admin role in a financial company

Hamilton Island, Australia

Mindvalley All Access

"I would put Mindvalley subscription as a must condition to students"

I succeed to get changed the stressful management, the work environment, I succeed to sleep 8 hrs straight every day finally after 10 years, I can feel joy more day by day, the peace, I discover myself, my financial status got better, the shaky relationships...
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Elena Ene

Sales manager

Campina, United States

Mindvalley All Access

"I have taken 4 programs"

The programs have opened up my eyes to a new life of happiness and a sense of belonging. That I am enough!! So now I invite everyone to follow their heart's desires...
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Denise Wandersee


Erhard, United States

Mindvalley All Access

"Suddenly my life was changing at such a rapid speed that I developed a hunger for more and more and more"

I’m seeing such amazing positive effects in my relationships, with my kids, my partner. I’m seeing the amazing change in my company, my social life, in my own my peace of mind, in all aspects of my life...
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Deepika Bhoolabhai

Director Tea or Coffee School of English

Barcelona, Spain

Mindvalley All Access

"Now I’m on to a fuller realization of self for the service of others"

Day 1 of program. I currently feel that I’m not maximizing my potential. I hope this program (specifically the Silva method) will help. I have realized some of my intentions from years past. Now I’m on to a fuller realization of self for the service of others. Thank you. - Steve S.
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Steve Santora

Account Executive, Edgenuity

Atlanta, United States

Mindvalley All Access

"Mindvalley became the guide I never had"

I've been a Mindvalley All Access member since March 2020 which coincided with the Covid pandemic. With added time on my hands, it couldn’t have been better timing. Soon I could see the effects of the learnings on my life and work – things changed, and slowly Mindvalley became the guide I never had
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Aman Chawla

Founder & CEO Citilight

New Delhi, India

Mindvalley All Access

"I can’t wait to see a confident and badass me at the end of these quests!"

I have chosen these Quests to improve on every facet of my life! I have felt and have been stagnant for sometime now and this feels like the long awaited driver to move me upwards and forwards! I can’t wait to see a confident and badass me at the end of these quests!
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Nafisa olatigbe

business analyst MC

London, United Kingdom

Mindvalley All Access

"All Access Quest and, so far, it is my best investment"

I am a big fan of Mindvalley. Recently I have decided to buy the All Access Quest and, so far, it is my best investment. My world has been turned upside down a week ago, and now I am so grateful to have Mindvalley, I can find what I need with all those fantastic mentors, and I know I am i...
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Veronique Mary

Dental assistant

Kingston, Canada

Mindvalley All Access

"I joined All Access, the best thing I have ever done"

Before this programme I had sold my house just as the Virus hit. I was homeless, so was staying with a friend. Bought a motor home to go travelling to decide where I was going to settle, but because of the travel restrictions, I was unable to go. I joined All Access, the best thing I have...
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Margaret Wilson


Cardwell, Australia

Mindvalley All Access

Mindvalley All Access with Vishen Lakhiani

Mindvalley’s Quest All-Access is a yearly subscription that gives students access to all of our quests. They get unlimited access to our entire vault of 28 (and growing) Quests. When you take a Mindvalley Quest, you’re immersed in one of the most powerful online learning experiences on the planet. That’s why many of our most successful students join not just one, but multiple Mindvalley programs throughout the year. Mindvalley’s All Access Membership is your incentive to take your growth to the next level too.
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